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Ibiza Airport is the main gateway for the great number of local and international tourists who visit the island of Ibiza every year. The airport is located approximately 7 km, or 3.4 miles from Ibiza Town (Eivissa), and is the perfect arrival point at which to start a magnificent holiday. Ibiza is one of Spain’s Balearic Islands, and although smaller than Mallorca, it offers a wide array of attractions. Also known as the ‘party capital of Europe’, Ibiza is famous for its nightlife, and has even been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the ‘entertainment island of the world’. Ibiza Airport handles just over 8 million passengers per year, and is the gateway to attractions such as sandy beaches, upmarket seaside resorts, many ‘big-name nightclubs, water sports and historical buildings and museums.

The island of Ibiza is off the eastern coast of mainland Spain, nearby Benidorm, and is perhaps the most famous of the Balearic Islands. The town of Ibiza, or Eivissa, is the capital of the region, and features many attractions. It is a very enchanting town, filled with a wide selection of restaurants and nightclubs. Many passengers arriving at Ibiza Airport head straight for Eivissa, before moving on to other areas of the island. Ibiza Town is also famous for its historical attractions, as many fascinating buildings can be found in the walled town area of D’Alt Vila. The island is about 572 square kilometers, or 221 square miles, and is also the closest of the Balearic Islands to mainland Spain. A variety of ferry companies offer transport across the Mediterranean from areas such as Barcelona, Valencia and Denia, and local ferries travel along the coastline of the island, dropping passengers off at the most popular beaches. The boats are an attraction all on their own. The larger ones that offer slower journeys have facilities such as swimming pools, bars, restaurants, shops and luxurious sleeping cabins, and the smaller ones for transport to the beaches often offer bar facilities and music to liven up the atmosphere. The language predominantly spoken on Ibiza Island is Castilian Spanish, and the main religion practised is Roman Catholic.

Ibiza Island features over fifty beautiful beaches, with golden sand and clear blue waters. Many of the best beaches are found towards the south-east of the island, and a large number of seaside resorts are available. The beaches are generally considered as very safe for swimming, and most of the main public areas have lifeguards on duty throughout the summer. Alongside the beaches, restaurants and beachside bars are often present, and the beaches themselves also have facilities such as showers. Many of the areas are wheelchair friendly as well. Although the main beaches can be busy, visitors will still be able to find some quieter spots for swimming and sunbathing, as there are many coves and smaller beaches on the island. These areas may not have lifeguards, but the waters are calm and safe for adults and children. Some of the main beaches and resorts in Ibiza include the Cala es Figueral, the Cala de Boix, the Platja des Canar, the Platja des Niu Blau, Cala Llonga and Platja del Pinos.

Ibiza is often the chosen destination of youngsters seeking nightlife entertainment, as many large nightclubs are found on the island. The party atmosphere of Ibiza came about in the 1960’s when it was popular among hippies. Thereafter, local businesses become more abundant on the island, and tourism of Ibiza grew dramatically. Ibiza remains famous for its nightclubs, which are often visited by the best and most famous DJ's in the world. The clubs of Amnesia and Pacha have been on the island since the 1970’s, and others such as the Ku Club (or Privilege) began shortly after. Privilege is now the largest nightclub in Ibiza, holding up to ten thousand people when at full capacity. The nightclubs of Ibiza have inevitably become ‘the fashion’, and form an integral part of the island’s economy. For those wandering the clubs at night, there is a special bus that offers transport between some of the best-known clubs on the island.

One of the main attractions for children on the island is Ponylandia, or Ponyland. Ponyland can be found at Carretera Eivissa-Jesús, and as its name suggests, is home to several ponies who are ‘child-friendly’, and can be ridden by young children. This attraction is very popular among many family visitors, and offers a variety of other entertainments as well, such as a nearby flea-market with all sorts of crafts and goodies to purchase. In terms of more historic and geological attractions, the Poblado de Balàfia is a collection of just five historic houses that are considered to be a tiny village all on their own. The houses feature traditional architecture and defence towers, and are highly regarded on the island. In 1907, a large cave by the name of Cova d’es Culleram was discovered, and was used back then as a temple for the goddess Tanoit. The cave is one of Ibiza’s famous attractions, and many treasures have since been found in the area, and are now displayed at the Museu Arqueologic at Dalt Vila. Another geological phenomenon on the island of Ibiza is the Es Vedrá Rock, which stands almost 400 meters above the sea. A while back, the rock was once the home of a hermit for several years. Boat rides can take you out for a closer look at the magnificent natural wonder.

Ibiza Island offers a number of memorable museums to explore, many of which are in Ibiza Town itself. Visiting a few museums and historical attractions add a bit of variety to the main beach and nightlife entertainment on the island. The Archaeology Museum is found in the Salvador Chapel, and has a wide collection of various pre-historic objects which were once part of when the island was ruled by the Carthaginians, Romans, Phoenicians and Moorish. Some of the museum’s highlights include ancient tombstones and old coins and ceramic items. Art galleries in Ibiza include the Galeria Van der Voort, the Galeria Es Moli and the House Gallery, with a variety of exhibitions that change every month. Many of the gallery’s displays are of the beautiful Ibiza scenery.

Tourists visiting Ibiza also often take a ferry trip to the nearby islands of Mallorca and Menorca, the two larger Balearic Islands, to enjoy their wide variety of attractions as well.

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