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Ibiza Airport is located approximately 7 km, or 3.4 miles from Ibiza Town, and is also nearby the areas of San José, Can Trontoll, Sa Caleta and Sant Jordi. Ibiza is one of Spain’s Balearic Islands, and a very popular destination for tourists in the summer; therefore the airport is mainly seasonal, serving around 85% of its total traffic during the warmer half of the year. Airline companies such as Iberia make mainly flights to other nearby Spanish Airports throughout the year. The airport is also a hub for the airline carrier of Vueling. Many passengers travel to and from the airport by Ibiza buses, as there are no railway connections on the island. The public buses of Ibiza provide frequent and reliable transport to all parts of Ibiza, and are a very cost efficient means of transport.

The airport is easy to navigate, as it consists of just one terminal building. On the upper floor, all boarding operations take place, while the ground level of the airport is dedicated to check-in processes, airline ticket sales and arriving passengers. Ibiza Airport is international, and handles approximately 8 million passengers per year. The Buses at Ibiza Airport are also easy to locate, as they depart from directly outside the arrivals area. Arriving passengers will find that the buses provide frequent transport to Ibiza Town, as they are available approximately every half an hour, between the hours of 07:20 and 23:50. Therefore, passengers arriving on early or later flights will be able to find a bus for transport, and will not have too long to wait for the next bus departure.

The local company of Autobuses Voramar el Gaucho, which operates buses to all parts of Ibiza Island as well, runs the buses from Ibiza Airport. From the airport, passengers will use the Line 10 buses, and the journey to central Ibiza will take approximately twenty to thirty minutes, depending on the traffic conditions and number of stops along the way. The bus’s main destination is the bus terminal in Ibiza, located on Avenida Isidoro Macabich. Some of the stops made by the bus include the Eivissa Ferry Terminal for Formentera and Sant Jordi. Although during the summer, airport buses are available every half an hour, during winter months they are less frequent, stopping at the airport only every hour.

Once at the Station Marítima Formentera, or the main bus station in Ibiza, passengers will be able to connect to a variety of other bus services, which travel longer distances to other prominent locations on the island. The bus services in Ibiza are extensive, and cover 99% of the towns and cities. Travelling by bus to the smaller towns and villages is even a possibility. The Ibiza buses are mostly of the single-decker variety, and are orange in colour. Bus tickets can usually be purchased from the offices at the bus terminals, the airport, or from the bus driver himself. If possible, it is always recommended to provide the bus driver with the correct change. Once aboard the bus, your ticket will need to be ‘punched’ in order to show that you have paid for the journey. Travel cards for Ibiza are a more convenient way of paying for public transport, and are available from tourist agencies. Passengers will enter the buses at the front, and should leave the bus by using the side exit when possible. This ensures a smooth flow of traffic in and out of the buses. From the main bus terminal in Ibiza Town, passengers can arrange to travel to destinations such as San Antonio, Sant Rafael, Santa Eulalia, Salinas, Cala Llonga and Santa Agnes.

In Ibiza, there are a couple of private bus companies as well, with services between a variety of the most popular holiday towns. A private bus company may be a more convenient option for larger groups of travelers, as seats can be reserved in advance of your flight to Ibiza Airport. The transport vehicles of these companies may be smaller minibuses, or modern coaches, depending on the demand for the route in question, but all buses are well maintained and in good mechanical order. Some of the private bus companies on the island include Shuttle Direct, Resorthoppa and Cosmacar Private Buses. Although more expensive than the local buses, the private buses can offer slightly better prices to those of taxis. Private bus services should be reserved in advance.

Passengers who will be staying in a hotel on the island may wish to enquire if their place of accommodation offers a complimentary shuttle service between the airport and their facilities. It is quite often the case that, especially the larger hotel establishments, offer transport in their own shuttle buses to and from the airport, and smaller hotels may even share the transport services offered by a larger establishment. A hotel shuttle bus should be requested when reserving accommodation, in advance of your flight to Ibiza. It is also usually the case that passengers will be met in the arrivals area by one of the hotel representatives. Some of the nearest hotels to Ibiza Airport include the Palladium Palace Ibiza Resort, the Sirenis Hotel Club Goleta and the Royal Plaza Hotel, while a great many more can be found in Ibiza Town itself.

Another type of bus available on Ibiza Island is the night buses, specifically put in place to provide transport between the most popular party venues of Ibiza.